Employers' Features

Our platform is designed to enhance the user experience for both employers and job seekers.

From advanced search filters to personalized job recommendations, we ensure that finding the perfect job or candidate is a stress-free experience.

Access to Qualified Candidates 

Employers on JJOBB have access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates, ensuring that they can find the right talent for their job openings efficiently.

Easy Job Posting Options

Our platform offers straightforward job posting options, allowing employers to create and publish job listings with ease. The process of reaching potential candidates has never been made this simplified.

User-Friendly Interface for Job Posting Management

Employers can manage their job postings conveniently through our user-friendly interface. Easily edit, duplicate or close job postings whenever needed.

Quick Interview Schedule

Our Quick Interview Scheduling feature to streamline the interview process. This tool helps employers efficiently coordinating and scheduling interviews with candidates.

Own Career Page for Unlimited Job Posting

Employers have the option to create their career page with JJOBB, where an unlimited number of job openings can be shown. Through their dedicated job listings page, they will be able to attract candidates 24/7.

DISC Personality Profiling Reports

Employers can access DISC Personality Profiling Reports on JJOBB to gain insights into candidates' personalities and behavioral traits. This information is proven to be key in making informed recruitment decisions and ensuring a good fit between candidates and job positions.